Get expert advice and tips on how you can ENJOY smart home technology in your home, without a hassle! 
Figuring out what products we should buy, which ones work together, what will fit, what we can afford …. it’s all very overwhelming.
So we’ve put it all together for you, in one 
easy-to-use Planning Guide.
Whether you’re looking to do one room or an entire house, you’ll get the information you need to know what's possible, and avoid making very expensive mistakes. And you’ll make decisions that can work for the ENTIRE family!
Here’s just a glimpse of what's in our new
 home automation planning guide:
  •  The 5 Reasons an Electronic House will make your life better, right now.
  •  Key points to decide if you can do-it- myself or should hire a professional
  •  A complete guide to understanding what’s possible.
  •  Critical information to simplify decisions and avoid making costly mistakes.
  •  10 home systems DEMYSTIFIED … - including home theater, security, energy  management, lighting control, networking, music and so much more
  •  PLUS …. Details of valuable system features you should absolutely be looking  for
100% Money Back Guarantee

If the Electronic House Planning Guide doesn't show you exactly the information you need to know what's possible to achieve your electronic dreams, if it doesn't take you by the hand, step-by-step to avoid making very costly mistakes... or if it fails to help you make decisions that work for the entire family, then you will receive a full refund, No Questions Asked!
Usually we charge at least $29.97 for this...
But, because we’re able to deliver this critical information electronically, you’re able to access ALL the information
you need in one easy-to-use Planning Guide, and get everything for a special price of $19.97!
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